Graphic Design Brisbane

Your business image is vital. In most cases, your image is the first point of contact with your customers, so it’s important that it makes a positive impression.

Design of Advertising, Brochures, Letterhead, Compliment Slips, Business Cards and Direct Mail

Design of Advertising, Brochures, Catalogues and Business Stationery is a core expertise of KatPrint. As a leading Queensland design agency we have been providing professional design for businesses in Australia and overseas for many years. Our long experience in the marketplace has allowed us to work with a diverse cross-section of clients, giving us a wide portfolio of projects and a fantastic reputation.

So whether you are planning the design of your Advertising, Brochures, Letterhead, Business Cards or Direct Mail Campaigns - KatPrint can support your requirements.

Logos that are better by Design

Starting a new business? Launching a new product? Would you like to give your business a fresh new image?

A professionally designed logo can make all the difference to your business – it’s the first step in creating a positive marketing image.

Your logo is a powerful business tool and can be used on everything from your business cards and stationery, website and business communications through to packaging and promotional material.

Your logo is an identity that will represent your company for many years to come, so it is essential that all aspects of design have been considered very carefully.

The designers at KatPrint have vast experience designing everything from powerful corporate logo’s, to subtle professional services and wild sporting themes. Combined with our thorough understanding of advertising and print output requirements, we are able to provide you with a logo that not only works visually, but is also practical and cost effective to reproduce on your marketing and printed materials.

Catalogues, Magazines and Books

The design of Catalogues and books is a specialised area. Catalogue design relies heavily on the structure of the page to be effective - the right balance of text and images is crucial to maintaining interest from the reader. Good catalogue design balances aesthetics with the pragmatic, creating pages that not only look good, but work hard.

KatPrint creates every catalogue with its end purpose in mind. We will speak with you about your target market, industry, competition and style requirements and build the design best suited to your needs.

We'll help guide you in preparing your catalogue to keep your costs down as well. We want to build a long-term relationship with you, so making your catalogues effective and ideally designed is our priority.