KatPrint Company Profile

For over 10 years, KatPrint has been helping companies and small businesses communicate who they are, what they do, and why they do it best – and we have long term clients who have grown from small businesses into multinational companies during the time they have been working with KatPrint.

Collectively, the KatPrint team brings together a powerful mix of experience and skill. Our backgrounds include print design, advertising and marketing, visual arts, printing and prepress, business management, magazine editing and production, and sales strategy.

Senior Design Directors Georgette and Kathy have over forty years of graphic design and print production experience between them, so are able to provide a vast knowledge base combined with an extremely high standard of printing, marketing and design – yet at extremely affordable prices.


KatPrint’s philosophy is based on combining high quality printed products with outstanding design, as a functional process that not only delivers the desired outcome, but exceeds expectations. So whether you need a complete advertising campaign and corporate image, a very cheap black and white flyer, or anything in between - we can deliver, on time and on budget.

At KatPrint, we care very much about your business. We understand that our own success is directly related to the success of our clients, so we want our work to work for you!

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